Twitter Chat

How can you use Pinterest along with your blog in order to maximize the effectiveness of both? That was the topic discussed during the hour long #Pinchat twitter chat I participated in.

I have very limited experience with Pinterest, and only really know what it is through what I’ve heard from other people, but throughout the chat I learned a fair amount of what Pinterest is and how it can be used to benefit your blog.

Here’s how the chat worked: the moderator would pose a question to the guest “speaker”, the guest would answer the question through multiple tweets, and everyone else would respond by either answering the posed question, asking further questions, or responding to others’ comments.

Discussion topics ranged from “How to link your Pinterest account to your blog” to “What kind of content best brings interest and traffic to your blog from Pinterest”. One thing that was really interesting to me in particular was “How to convert Pinterest visitors to followers” (the link is a blog entry by the guest speaker discussing the topic). Even though I don’t have a Pinterest account, I was able to learn some ways to keep general visitors on my blog, and I hope to begin to utilize some of the tips. Some stand outs included:

  • Remove unnecessary clutter and links to outside sites
  • Make it easy for visitors to subscribe and find other popular–”pinworthy”–posts
  • Be sure to have plenty of original, well developed material
  • Be personal, brand yourself, make an effort to stand out in a sea of bloggers

This will undoubtedly take much time and effort, but hopefully I will be able to implement some of these tips into my blogs and other social media sites.


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